12 Week Transformation

Did you know as of today there are only 50 days until summer?! I don’t want to use the word challenge because challenges come to an end and I’m making life changes. I purchased this program about 1 ½ weeks ago. I did a kind of intro session and stuck with it about 70% I knew I wasn’t ready to … Read More

Be Bold 2017: Health Goals

Health Goals

Health Goals After the holidays I managed to add a little more fluff that I need to work to get off (in addition to the fluff I already was working on) I call it my winter coat. Last year I decided to take my health seriously as my Dr. was ready to up my blood pressure pills. I (like many … Read More

Picadillo Recipe


          PICADILLO This is one of those dishes that are perfect on a chilly day. It’s comfort food, it’s easy to make, AND best of all it falls in line with my healthier eating. Here is my basic recipe. I will add other items I have on hand (squash, diced carrots, celery, etc. just work with … Read More

Be Bold 2017: Business Goals

Business Goals 2017 My Blissful Chaos

As part of my Be Bold 2017 series, I’ve been asked to put my business and blog goals out there. I didn’t realize how shy I was about putting my goals out there until now. I didn’t expect to feel vulnerable. Whoa time to do some soul searching here … must …figure …out …why.  I guess because it’s out there, … Read More

Be Bold 2017: Word of the Year FOCUS


WORD OF THE YEAR Ok so apparently having a word of the year is a thing. I didn’t know this. Maybe this is the key!!! So began my mission, I needed to find my very own word of the year. There are so many things I want to accomplish this year. I know we all say that every year, but … Read More

Be Bold 2017

Be Bold 2017

What if I told you there’s a place for you to share your goals for 2017? What if I told you that we are at our best when we have accountability- someone cheering us on, giving words of encouragement? And what if I told you there is a space where we can all come together, grow our communities and discover … Read More

The Nutcracker Flash Giveaway


          How many of you are as in love with The Nutcracker as I am?!?! OMG I loooove everything Nutcracker, I mean I could even watch Barbie and The Nutcracker a bazillion times. Of course the ballet is the more grown up way to enjoy it. Seriously though there is NOTHING quite as magical