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Ok so apparently having a word of the year is a thing. I didn’t know this. Maybe this is the key!!! So began my mission, I needed to find my very own word of the year. There are so many things I want to accomplish this year. I know we all say that every year, but I’ve done a lot of self-growth and even more praying at the end of 2016. I am implementing different things to make sure this year is successful for me in many ways. I looked up words in the dictionary, I googled motivational words, I even searched “sample word of the year” seriously I had no idea where to start. I mean a YEAR is a long time to commit. I have not been pleased with the rate I am reaching my goals or uhhh not reaching my goals. Then I found it, I knew it was the one. So here it is…Are you ready….Although I’m sure you guessed it by now…FOCUS!


YES this is obviously what I need this year. I am always running in 10 different directions.

Here is the definition of FOCUS: the ability to pay attention to things while avoiding distractions.

I have every intention to get things done, but usually reach a point of exhaustion. Then a friend said some magical words to me that made sense. You don’t have to have the same FOCUS all the time, you can prioritize what you need to focus on at the time, or even each day. That’s it for some reason it clicked. Today can be the day I focus on learning things to advance my business. Tomorrow I can choose to focus on a home project, but the thing is if I can give my total undivided attention to ONE thing at a time, I can be for more successful in completing and learning what I need from that task. Follow one course until successful

Here are a few other tasks that I am implementing to help me FOCUS in 2017.

1.       Turn off my phone and other distractions

2.       Schedule time for tasks

3.       Write down my goals and my plan of focus

4.       Prayer-TALK to God and the Universe around me and ask for guidance

5.       Meditation-LISTEN to God and the Universe around me for guidance

Lesson here is FOCUS on what’s best for you and not what’s best for others. I’m sure my version of focus is not what will work for everyone and that’s ok. Don’t get me wrong I have other changes I am implementing in my life as well. I am excited to see where my strong, special, beautiful word takes me this year. I hope you all follow along in my journey. Let me know what your journey is and if I can help in any way. I don’t mean to brag but I’m a pretty good cheerleader too, I mean minus the cool stunts, and tumbling. Let make this year a great one friends.

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2 Comments on “Be Bold 2017: Word of the Year FOCUS”

  1. @ByrdieFranco

    Love this Mandy. I have a day where I focus on one business. It does not mean I don’t have to-dos that are unrelated, but it means that, that day, I must see about that particular business. It’s been working but definitely always improving. You got this! #BSoFocused 😉 xo

  2. Christina

    PREACH IT WITH THE FOCUS! lol I’m the same way and I love how you took the time to narrow down what you need to do for 2017! I’m doing the same with unplugging, I really need to focus and do that often! Great post!

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